ODR 2016 at The HagueResourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. (RIS), Mediate.com and Arbitrate.com are proud to offer three online dispute resolution websites at:

The world of online dispute resolution is growing rapidly, and at an accelerating pace, based both upon purely online initiatives and because "all mediators and arbitrators are now online mediators and arbitrators."  We all now use the Internet extensively in nearly every case.  This site is committed to helping ADR programs and professionals to most capably utilize Internet capacities.

RIS meets the technical needs of ADR and ODR programs and practices with 
Caseload Manager.  

Caseload Manager offers an integrated administrative "back office" (case, calendar, activity and correspondence management) for mediation program and practice management. With Caseload Manager, challenging issues like security, reliability, back-ups and updates are automatically provided.  

Participants in dispute resolution now expect to have the ability to move their resolution forward on any day, at any time.  Participants expect to be able to securely upload documents, make proposals, discuss issues and develop settlement documents online. The new norm is 
"a virtual space for every case."  RIS is committed to meet these new capacities at the highest level.

Participants in the ODR 2013 Conference in Montreal in June 2013.
Participants in the ODR 2013 Conference in Montreal in June 2013

OnlineDisputeResolution.com brings together:

We hope and trust that you will receive great value from our new ODR websites!


Jim Melamed, CEO, 
Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc.